Keeping you safe on your important day

Below is a list of  rules that we will be following to ensure our staff and your guests are safe.

Wellbeing of Staff, Clients and Guests

We’re doing our part to protect staff, clients and their guests by cleaning our equipment regularly, following safe hygiene procedures and following risk reduction plans.

Photographers and videography contractors are given the option to turn down any work they are not comfortable covering due to health risks. Every opportunity will be made to ensure guests who are planning their wedding day take into account covid safe requirements. 

We ask couples and clients planning events to consider the following information about how your event is meeting covid safe guidelines


  • Client meetings will be held over the phone or teleconferencing solutions such as whatsapp or zoom to ensure minimum risk to both staff and clients. 

  • We advise that if clients or staff are feeling unwell that they do not go ahead with the day. We are flexible with rebooking if there is a cancelation due to covid complications.

  • We limit group photos based on the location to ensure that a 1.5 m distance can still be observed.

  • We make sure to inform all our staff about the plan for the day and risk assess photography locations to ensure that we can keep a 1.5m distance from subjects at all times including those not part of the shoot that may be there helping.

  • Photographers will clean their equipment before and after shooting OR before sharing equipment with another photographer.

  • Before our photographers turn up on site, clients MUST fill out our questionnaire for their households to ensure that no potential cases could be active.

  • Photographers may refuse to photograph a scene if covid safe venue rules are not being adhered to. In particular, venue maximum capacity and dancefloor limited to 20 people (no rotation)


  • Any Photographers that report feeling unwell will self isolate and other photographers will be assigned.

  • If a photographer is confirmed to have COVID-19, they will isolate for a minimum of 14 days and any close contacts will monitor for symptoms and seek medical advice. 

  • Staff who have attended an event and soon after become ill must go for testing. If a test yields a positive covid result Randy Harry will then internally contact trace where they have completed work and do our best to inform those locations and NSW Health to ensure isolation is actioned.

At Risk Guests

  • We advise clients to identify any at risk guests on the day and isolate them for photos away from larger groups.

  • Every amount of care will be made to distance from these guests to reduce the risk of potential viral load.


  • Client/s are not to handle any of the photographer’s equipment – including loading in/out.

  • Photographers will no longer be able to assist in taking photos using another person’s camera/phone.

  • Our staff will use equipment which limits the need to get close to photography subjects, we will largely use telephoto equipment and at the very best ensure that the 1.5m rule will be adhered to where possible.


  • Photographers will carry hand sanitiser. If Photographers turn up on site without sanitiser, they will be provided with a bottle.

  • Hand sanitiser will be applied when photographers see fit. ie – after picking up an item, opening doors in public areas, moved furniture etc

Face Masks​

  • You may request your photographer to wear a face mask.

  • Your photographer may wear a face mask if they feel the 1.5m social distancing rule is not being adhered to and they are worried about their safety.

  • Where possible, our staff will wear masks to decrease the risk of infection, in particular in domestic households where photoshoots may occur.

Record Keeping

  • Using the CovidSafe App to keep track of movements around the community and be alerted if there have been any close contacts with positive cases.

  • Keep records of photographer job movements and ensuring that an itinerary is provided before the day of shooting.