Terms & Conditions

Booking Deposit and Payment: 
A 50% deposit must be made to be made to Randy Harry Productions to secure the date of event.

Failure to provide a booking fee prior to the period, will allow us to assume that the day is not solidly booked allowing others to engage our services if a paid booking is provided by a new party.


Should notice of cancellation be less than 5 days prior to the scheduled event the client forfeits 30% of their paid deposit.


In cases where the event needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances out of the client’s control, the booking fee will be honoured when booking for another date when *rescheduling. (examples; Covid-19, Illness, Family Emergency, Venue cancelation)

*subject to availability of date


Additional Hours Filming/Photography:

If the team is required further hours than discussed and agreed upon prior to day, our hourly rate for each service will be applied at $200 per hour /per service.


Photographic Materials and Copyright:

All photographic materials, such as original raw files, photos, will be the property of the Photographer and the Client. The client’s event may be used for advertising our services on our social media or web site unless specific requirements are discussed prior to publishing.


Videography Materials and Copyright:

All videos, such as original raw videos from all types of events will be the property of the Videographer. RAW files will not be released unless discussed and agreed upon with the videographer & client which will be acknowledge in the final invoice.


Delivery of Material:

  • Video will take up to 8-10 weeks for production after the event.

  • The complete photo gallery of *high res jpeg’s will be published within a period of 8-10 weeks.

    • We will endeavour to have a selection of 20-30 photos edited within 1-2 weeks of the event for sharing on social media.

    • Randy Harry will provide a live drop box share location which will allow clients access to edited photos which are completed in batches.

    • On average an 8-10 hr day can expect to have 1000-1500 edited photos. We edit these inhouse with Harry our photographer to ensure our style is consistent.

  • Client work is edited in a queue with other clients which have had their events covered. We ask that clients understand that our timelines are affected by other work in the queue, if there is a delay we will inform the client in advance.

  • If clients would like to push their work up the queue due to a critical requirement, we may require extra hours outside to allow this to happen which may come with additional cost depending on the request.


*(High Res) High-Resolution: Images deliverable in High-Resolution (or known as High-Res) are 300DPI with 3000 Pixels in the longest edge. These are delivered digitally in both our web gallery, and Dropbox. We may also take client’s storage media to provide all raw images/jpegs if required.


Randy Harry Productions keeps client raw files for up to 2 years after the photography session (jpeg export files are kept 3-5 years), and is not liable for any claims after this period. All client files will be deleted and backups will be purged after this period.



Client accepts that all photographs will be taken and edited at the team’s discretion based on our experience and artistic view, we always want the client to be happy with the work provide. We ask that clients view our portfolio prior to engaging our services to ensure our creative vision aligns with your expectations. If the client has special requests, they may create a “shot list” of all shots that they require outside of the standard formalities.


Randy Harry Productions will try their best to ensure that all critical wedding moments will be captured on the day. The team take time to ensure we understand the run sheet for the day and any special moments are ideally planned in advance to ensure they are captured. We work with MC’s and couples to ensure communication is clear for timing.



  • In scenarios where only one photographer is engaged, they will focus on critical formalities first, and then candid creative photography where time permits. When two photographers are engaged, the main photographer will run the formalities and keep to time, while the secondary photographer roams and provides dedicated candid style photography and general group photography.

  • All deliverable images as per contract will have standard image editing (including: exposure adjustment, colour adjustment, light skin retouching on select images as per our creative style. Any extra edits requested by the client will cost the client $25 per image if accepted by the Photographer as being achievable.


  • Extra image adjustments include (change the size of the body or parts of the body, replace parts of the body from another image, change the colour of parts of the body, extra skin retouch, replace/ or complete heavy changes to background).


  • It is also understood that unless hair and makeup is included in the contract, Photographer is not responsible to fix hair or skin, or makeup problems in all photos.



  • All video edits are made based on Randy Harry Productions creative vision. If extra changes are required or major amendments to sequence, these will be charged based on the requirements discussed after initial edit has been viewed by client.


  • The team will be allowed bathroom breaks when necessary. Each team member will be provided a full guest meal for any photography session lasting longer than 5 hours. If no meal is provided and the team is not informed prior to the day so they may prepare, the team reserves the right to go off-site for a meal for 45 minutes.


  • It is understood that it is client’s responsibility to inform the team by email for any date or location changes.


  • In photo locations that are hard to gain access or have strict limited parking requirements, the team will make every effort to park close to the location in a legal way with time permitting. If we cannot find parking and need to relocate further away, our team will make efforts to inform the couple of a likely delay. We ask that couples understand the timing requirements before planning their day to ensure ample time for logistics (travel, parking).

  • Some photography locations require bookings to be made well in advance with the land owner/management (some national parks, City areas like townhall, qvb etc). We may help advise and research locations if given time well in advance. Location booking costs are additional and paid direct to the location management. These are also subject to availability.


Creative Cooperation:

Randy Harry productions make every effort to manage obstructions with our experience whilst being discrete as possible to allow guests a good view of proceedings. In the event that the family/guests are taking photos, Randy Harry Productions is not responsible for obstructed photos/footage ruined due to separate flashes going off or due to any other behaviour from guests. Randy Harry Productions is not responsible for obstructed or ruined photos due to activities by other vendors and venue staff. We use equipment to try isolate sound but, in some cases, where this is not allowed by the venue we will use ambient sound recording devices which can be subject to interruption by guests (crying children, ambient noise from wind or the environment)


Guests providing our staff their devices for photos:

Our staff will try accommodate and be friendly enough to take guests devices upon request (phones, tablets, cameras) to help them capture their own little part of the day. In the event devices are damaged while we are using them, we will not be held liable. For the same reason, in some situations we may politely deny the request to prioritise the use of our equipment instead.

Failure to Perform:

f the Photographer cannot perform this Agreement due to unforeseen circumstances, such as critical injury/illness prior to event, or other cause beyond the control of the parties, or due to the operators illness, Randy Harry shall return any funds previously paid to the Client. Our team will make all efforts to provide other staff or suppliers to take their place but shall have no further liability with respect to the Agreement.


This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic are damaged in processing, lost through camera malfunction (corruption of memory cards) or theft of equipment during the day. In the event the Photographer fails to perform for any other reason, the Photographer shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the retail value of the Client’s order.