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Let us bring something different and exciting to your wedding!

This Year we launched our new video service for weddings.

For wedding couples who want to share their story on their special day... this is

"How they Met". Belinda approached us back in July and she pitched an idea of doing something different for her wedding. After a month of brain storming, we eventually got together and shot this video in 3 hours. The connection between Belinda and Phuong had was just perfect. This video explains the fun and joy they have being together and even going outside that box just to make this video even more exciting... you will know when... The reaction to the video was amazing and having it played right before their bridal entrance simply got everyone all excited in that room.

A big shout out thank you for Belinda and Phuong for allowing us to film this fun and special moment.

If you would like us to produce a "How you met" video for your wedding just like Belinda and Phuong please contact us at and visit out website at

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